Psychiatry: accident victims, rape/sexual abuse victims, assault victims, crime victims, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, psychiatric care, occupational stress, alcohol abuse, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, psycho-somatic Disorders/Munchausen, violence/self-harm/suicide, assessment for Equality Act 2010.

Criminal behaviour: serious offender assessment, psychiatric assessment of criminal responsibility, fitness to plead, witness assessment/testamentary capacity, trauma assessment, abnormal behaviour, dangerousness/risk assessment.

Mental Health Act: Assessment of individuals for Mental Health Act, 1983, Mental Health Review Tribunals, Health Care Management/records/disputes: medical competence/medical negligence: medical practice, suicide investigations, psychiatric aftercare.

Geographical areas of work

All areas, prison/court/custody and domiciliary visits undertaken, now accepting work in London/South.

  • Accident/industrial injury victim assessment for psychiatric injuries – primary and secondary victims.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and psychological sequelae of post-trauma.
  • Complex Trauma and Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • Clinical negligence – impact on mental health, clinical negligence in psychiatry and Human Rights Act.
  • Assessment of individuals for mental capacity, testimentary capacity etc in prison for criminal responsibility and pre-sentence reports.
  • Mental Health Review Tribunals (attendance)
  • Giving evidence in court
  • Attendance at employment tribunal cases
  • Legal Aid cases undertaken
  • Mass case action cases - i.e. Sun Vista sinking, Lindsey Oil Refinery fire, Irish Redress Board cases.


Specialist areas of work

“I have undertaken more than four thousand medico legal cases over the last 20 years.

The experience has ranged from instructions recieved from claimants, defendants, single or joint instruction for the below mentioned cases.”

Dr Darryl J Britto


1Medico-legal reports done from 1997 (commenced medico-legal work) to date4300+
2Medico-legal reports - personal injury/medical negligence (Claimant & Defence)3375+
3Medico-legal reports - Criminal cases (Defence & Prosecution)395+
4Medico-legal reports - (Family & Contact Proceedings, Mental Health Review Tribunals, Disability Living Allowance, Industrial/Employment Tribunals, Teachers' and local authority pension/injury award)530+
5Court Appearances for Personal Injury Cases, Family/Child Care Proceedings34
6Court Appearances for Criminal Cases19
7Proportion of work – Claimant Personal Injury Cases (pre/post-CPR)50%
8Proportion of work – Defence Personal Injury Cases (pre-post CPR).45%
9Proportion of work – joint instructions5%
10Joint instructions since the implementation of CPR, approximately550+

Medico/Legal Reports as at Feb 2017