Clinical Research Experience

A double blind parallel group study to compare the management of moderate and severe Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease with Salbutamol Rotacaps 2mg, 1mg and 400ucg each given 4 times daily (Conducted at the Marsden Hospital, Marsden Road, Burnley).

Social support and development of Psychiatric disorder after childbirth, Research Collaborator guided by Prof. Brugha, University of Leicester (1989-1991).

Mphil Thesis, Eating Disorders : University of Leicester (unpublished), Retrospective Casenote study of 500+ Eating Disorder patients referred to tertiary Specialist Eating Disorder Service - Academic Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Leicester.

Research Collaborator and interviewer for The National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys of Great Britain – Household Survey, Department of Health, London, UK (1991-1992).

A 12810104 A phase IIIb, 12 week, Multicentre Double Blind, Double Dummy, Randomised Parallel Group Study comparing the effects of Ziprasidone (40-80 mg bd) –v- Olanzapine (5-20 mg od) on quality of life in the treatment of Schizophrenia and Schizo-affective Disorder.

“Depression is a recurrent disorder.

If you have suffered from one episode of depression, there is a 60% chance of suffering from a further episode of depression during your lifetime”

Dr Darryl J Britto


Scientific Publications

'Diabetes Mellitus', in B.P. Apte (ed.), COMMON DISEASES DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY, Cosmos Publications, Pune, India, 1985, Pg 82-90. Dr. N.J. Nayak and Darryl Britto.

Etoposide compared with the combination of Vincristine, Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide in the treatment of small-cell lung cancer. Thorax 1989; 44:215-219, Centre: Marsden Hospital, Burnley, Lancashire (Research Collaborator).

A double blind parallel group study to compare the management of moderate and severe Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease with Salbutamol Rotacaps 2mg, 1mg and 400ucg each given four times daily. Internal Report: SALHR/AH87/SD: Allen & Hanburys Limited UK.

Social support: Heredity, Environment and Conditional Associations. Current opinion in Psychiatry, (1992) Vol.5, No 2. Traloch S Brugha and Darryl Britto.

Psychosis in Indian Immigrants [L], British Journal of Psychiatry,(1992) Vol.160,718-719.

Asian Doctors and the MRCGP Examinations[L], British Medical Journal (1992) Vol.305, 368.

The training of Psychiatrists for the developing world [L], Psychiatric Bulletin (1992)  Vol.16 No.9 570-571. Darryl Britto and Rameez Zaffar.

Overseas doctors - training ethos [L], Psychiatric Bulletin, (1992) Vol.16, No.10, 665-666.

Health, Race and Culture: Case Study. Psychiatry in Practice, (1993) Vol.12, No.2, 21-23. Lynda Randall and Darryl Britto.

GP Fundholding & Psychiatric Practice[L], Psychiatric Bulletin (1993) Vol.17, No.8, 500-501.

Training needs of Psychiatrists in non-training posts. Psychiatric Bulletin (1993) Vol.17, No.9, 520-521. Darryl Britto.

Care Programme Approach in Shropshire District [L], Psychiatric Bulletin (1994) Vol.18, No.3, 181-182. Darryl Britto and G. Critchlow.

When the Bough Breaks: The future of Parent and Baby Day Units, Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, (1995) Vol. 13, Issue 3-4, 237-240. L.Boath, B.Barnett, Darryl Britto, A Pryce & J.L. Cox.

Liaison Psychiatry in Shropshire - 'A burning need an unmet demand', (1996), commissioned and submitted to Shropshire Health Purchaser and Provider Units (unpublished). Darryl Britto.

Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa - Sibling Sex Ratio and Birth Order, A defined catchment area study, International Journal of Eating Disorders (1997) Vol. 21, Issue 4, 335-340. Darryl Britto, D.H. Myers, R.L. Palmer and J.Smith.

Second phase SCAN interviewer in the National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys of Great Britain – initial findings from the Household Survey, Psychological Medicine (1997) 27, 775-789 (Research Collaborator and second phase scan interviewer).

The Leicester 500 Project - Social Support Systems and the Development of Postnatal Depressive Symptoms, a prospective, cohort study (Psychological Medicine 1998; 28:63-79).Brugha T S, Sharp H M, Cooper S A, Wisender C and Britto D, Shinkwin R, et al.

Network Alliances in Mental Health Service Provision, Winter Issue, Psychiatry in Practice, 1999.  Darryl Brito.

  • Keynote Speaker International Seminar: St Francis De Sales College, Bangalore, India, January 2017 – Influence of Neo-Freudian Theories in 20th century Literature.
  • Keynote speaker International Conference: Gibraltar Health Authority, Gibraltar. Developing a new vision for mental health services in Gibraltar. October 2006 – From Dawn to Dusk – Asyulms to Community Mental Health. Have we got it right? What is the future?
  • Speaker at National Conference of Occupational Health Physicians, Cheshire, UK
  • Lectures in Psychiatry, University of Bangalore, India.
  • Post-Graduate Education Approved lectures (several) – Liaison Psychiatry, Trans-cultural psychiatry, Psychiatric Emergencies/Suicide/Deliberate self harm to Junior doctors in Psychiatric Training Schemes, Specialist Registrars at Post-Graduate Education Centres in District General Hospitals and other settings, Consultant colleagues and General Practitioners.
  • Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Psychiatric Tutor in Psychiatry, Halifax, West Yorkshire - University of Leeds (1996-1999). Training of medical students and junior doctors in Psychiatry. Lectures to Post-Graduate Students in Clinical Pharmacy, University of Leeds. Several lectures to General Practitioners in the North of England on psychiatric topics, specially Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and related topics.
  • Giving evidence in court
  • Child Protection Case Conferences
  • Legal Aid cases undertaken

Lectures and Teaching affiliation to universities